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With an average of over 20 years’ experience, Spotts Fain Consulting's (SFC) Virginia lobbyists are well attuned to the ever-changing Virginia political landscape. Our members have worked in and with the executive, legislative, and local branches of Virginia government to earn the respect and trust of Virginia's key decision makers.

Spotts Fain Consulting has successfully represented local, regional, and Fortune 500 companies and advised Virginia governors, legislators, state and local government agencies, and state-wide associations. SFC has also been involved in single issue advocacy campaigns.

At SFC, we zealously represent our clients while avoiding conflicts between competitors. In order to accomplish this, we are careful in accepting clients who are potentially competitors in the same market or field of interest. Prior to entering into a relationship with a potential client, we review any possible concerns so that our clients know we are representing their interests without any reservations. As a result of this policy, our client relationships tend to be long term which is of benefit to both parties.

Our services

Business Expansion: Whether you are just entering the Virginia market or have conducted business in Virginia for decades, Spotts Fain Consulting can help you expand your company's market and increase your bottom line profit. Our consultants and attorneys work together to bring you new opportunities and markets for your products and services.

Economic Development: Spotts Fain Consulting has established and trusted relationships with key policy makers responsible for growing Virginia's economy. Our experience and relationships can help you tap into new opportunities, change existing legislation or local ordinances to help your business grow while also helping to improve the future of Virginia's economy.

Virginia Advocacy and Monitoring: Spotts Fain Consulting specializes in Virginia advocacy on a wide array of issues ranging from transportation to taxation. Our team members have successfully passed legislation for Fortune 500 companies and for small family-owned businesses. Our personal approach to legislators and results-oriented strategies are the keys to getting your legislation passed.

Federal Advocacy and Monitoring: Spotts Fain Consulting has experience lobbying federal government agencies and Virginia representatives in the United States Congress. We can help you make sense of the complex federal code and legislative process as it relates to your business here in Virginia. We can also monitor pending legislation or executive actions tailored to your needs.

Land Use Advocacy: Spotts Fain Consulting has significant experience in helping your business get the maximum value out of the land that you hold or plan to hold. Success in changing zoning restrictions frequently comes down to one or two votes on either a planning commission or board of supervisors. We can help you succeed by getting those one or two extra votes.

Public-Private Partnerships: Because of shrinking state budgets, government agencies and policy makers are looking more frequently to establishing long term services or project oriented relationships with the private sector. Properly entering into this new business model when appropriate can help your company take advantage of many new opportunities.

Public Contract Advocacy: Spotts Fain Consulting can help you negotiate the complicated maze of applying for state or local government contracts.


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