Real Estate Litigation

By combining our Commercial Real Estate group's substantive knowledge and extensive experience working through complex real estate issues with our Litigation group's ability to handle all aspects of the dispute and litigation process, both aggressively and efficiently, Spotts Fain has developed a well-rounded and highly experienced team dedicated to pursuing and defending all types of claims involving real estate.

Our Real Estate Litigation group has a broad spectrum of experience handling a multitude of real estate and/or development related disputes, including in the following areas:

Land Use

Spotts Fain attorneys have handled a large number of disputes and challenges relating to actions taken by local governing bodies and local government officials. Our attorneys also have experience challenging the validity and enforceability of zoning, subdivision and other development related ordinances.

General Real Estate and Development Issues

Whether it be taking disputes all the way through trial or structuring and documenting creative and unique settlements consistent with our client's goals, Spotts Fain attorneys have handled numerous cases arising out of real estate purchase and sale agreements, easement agreements, lease agreements, as well as general development agreements involving multiple parties.

Eminent Domain/Condemnation

Working with appraisers, engineers and any other necessary experts, our attorneys regularly represent property owners in handling eminent domain cases brought by governmental entities and utility companies.

Mechanic's Liens

Whether it be filing and enforcing mechanic's liens or defending and disputing mechanic's lien claims, our attorneys are experienced in this highly technical area of the law.


Spotts Fain attorneys have handled numerous partition suits seeking to separate common ownership of property, involving both small and large numbers of joint property owners as well as small and large tracts of land.

Boundary Line Disputes / Adverse Possession / Quiet Title / Trespass / Nuisance

Our attorneys have experience prosecuting and resolving all types of issues and claims which may arise as a result of unclear title or the disputed use of property.

Landlord / Tenant

Spotts Fain attorneys regularly handle both commercial and residential lease disputes on behalf of both landlords and tenants.