Land Use and Zoning

Spotts Fain's land use attorneys are skilled at counseling and leading clients through various land use processes including residential and commercial rezonings, use permits and special exceptions, variances, subdivisions, site plans and plans of developments. We represent property owners and developers in jurisdictions throughout Virginia.

Our experience and relationships with local officials allow us to advise our clients through a process that can vary greatly depending upon the locality, surrounding community, and any number of other factors often known only through previous experience. And because of the large number and wide range of projects we have handled, as well as the strength and depth of our real estate practice, our land use team is well-equipped to assist clients in identifying and addressing the multitude of property and development issues that are encountered in the process.

Although it is usually preferable to work cooperatively with localities, seasoned land use attorneys also recognize that sometimes it is necessary to litigate or actively defend their clients' rights in court. Spotts Fain has a well-rounded real estate litigation practice, which includes the more specialized area of land use litigation, and our attorneys are experienced in challenging overly aggressive or unauthorized actions and positions taken by local governments and administrative officials.