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Recent Lawsuits Against Home Mortgage Servicers Focus on Bankruptcy Compliance

Posted on by Neil E. McCullagh in Corporate and Business, Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The past year has brought notable court decisions regarding alleged failures by home mortgage servicers to comply with bankruptcy rules and orders. The stakes have been high, with the servicers often ...

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Virginia Pass-Through Entity Tax and Multitier Tax Partnerships

Posted on in Corporate and Business

Virginia just enacted a pass-through entity tax (“PTET”), which applies in 2021 through 2025, inclusively. Many commentators have addressed the PTET, and I defer to them for the details. The PTET allo...

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Opportunity Fund Zones: Three Ticking Clocks?

Posted on in Commercial Real Estate, Corporate and Business, Tax

On November 7, 2018, I published a blog entitled: “Opportunity Zones: Tax Deferral and Exclusion Beyond Like-Kind Exchanges”. Since then, the Treasury Department has issued over 500 pages of Final Reg...

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