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Patent Law Continues to Unite an Otherwise Divided Supreme Court

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Intellectual Property and Information Technology, Litigation

One area of law appears to unite both ends of the Court's political spectrum--patent law.

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The IRS Has Kicked Another Hornet's Nest

Posted on in Tax

Before December 2013, a developer rehabilitating a historic building in VA could have raised about 40% of his rehab costs from outside parties.

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Government (EEOC) Must Pay Company's Attorneys' Fees After Delay, Unreasonable Lawsuit

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Employment Law, Litigation

At times, corporate targets of government investigations become frustrated by the apparent lack of responsiveness by the investigating agencies.

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New Court Decision Aids Creditors of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debtors

Posted on by Neil E. McCullagh in Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

There is good news in a recent court decision for creditors of Chapter 13 debtors.

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An Overview of Detinue in Virginia

Posted on by Timothy G. Moore in Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

In Virginia, "detinue" refers to a procedure by which a party may recover possession of "unlawfully withheld" personal property.

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The Finality of Arbitration

Posted on by William R. Mauck, Jr. in Construction, Litigation

Many disputes are resolved through arbitration rather than a court of law.

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