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Virginia to Address Patent Litigation Abuse

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Intellectual Property and Information Technology, Litigation

Recently, Congress has sought to curb abusive patent litigation with new legislation.

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Active Clients Benefit Greatly from Court-Ordered Settlement Conferences

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Litigation

As the client, your active involvement in the litigation process is important to achieving a favorable result.

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Pursuing and Defending Awards of Attorneys’ Fees

Posted on by Robert H. Chappell, III, Jennifer J. West in Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

In order to recover attorneys' fees, generally one must rely on a statute or a provision in a contract signed by the party who is to pay the fees.

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Precautions in Signing Indemnity Agreements

Posted on by William R. Mauck, Jr. in Construction

Indemnity provisions are among the most important in construction contracts, yet they are often the source of confusion.

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