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Impacts of the Federal Legislative Relief Packages on Small Businesses

Posted on in Corporate and Business

The CARES Act is a stimulus package, which provides over $349 billion for the Small Business Administrationto guarantee loans to small businesses
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Regulations for the Paycheck Protection Program Provide Clarity and More Questions

Posted on in Corporate and Business

This article will summarize the guidance given in the interim rule released on Paycheck Protection Program.
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COVID-19 and the "Material Adverse Change" Clause

Posted on by Neil E. McCullagh in Corporate and Business, Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm has received a number of inquiries about “force majeure” and “material adverse change” contract clauses.
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COVID-19 and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted on by John M. Erbach, David F. Dabbs in Employment Law

The EEOC has offered guidance based on the "Direct Threat" exception to the ADA that should help employers more easily navigate these circumstances.
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Ongoing Employment Law Developments Related to COVID-19

Posted on by David F. Dabbs, John M. Erbach

This article provides an update on Covid-19 employment law considerations for businesses.
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Pandemics and Contractual Performance: Force Who?

Posted on by David V. DuVal in Corporate and Business

Individuals and businesses should review their contracts to determine if a "Force Majeure" clause is included in a contract.
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Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Other Employment Issues Related to COVID-19

Posted on by David F. Dabbs, John M. Erbach in Employment Law

This article provides an overview of employment law considerations for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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