Richmond Grocery Wars: 2018 Briefing

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This article provides a brief update on the most recent "highs" and a "low" of the Richmond area Grocery Wars.

Publix opens its Williamsburg store in a former Martin's spot today on Monticello Avenue near New Town. Local residents are reportedly delighted!

Carytown Exchange, slated to replace the existing Richmond Shopping Center at the western end of Carytown, has filed its plan of development with the City. The estimated $40 million project is to be anchored by a newly-constructed Publix, but no lease has been signed. A spokesperson for Regency Centers, the developer, was quoted as saying "We're just finishing out the final aspects of the Publix lease".

Sunday, October 14 was the final day of business for the Big Apple grocery store location on Brook Road, also in a former Martin's spot, closing less than six months after it opened. Big Apple has had a store on Jefferson Davis Highway for several years and that remains open.

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