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Claims Deadline Set in Southern Title Receivership

Posted on by Jennifer J. West in Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

A deadline of January 28, 2015 has been set for filing claims related to title insurance policies issued by Southern Title Insurance Corporation
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Avoiding Dealer Taint for Real Estate

Posted on by Kurt Magette in Commercial Real Estate, Tax

Legitimate reasons compel a real estate holder to isolate his properties in separate LLCs.
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Can You Keep a Secret? The Quiet Pursuit of a Federal Trade Secret Regime

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Congress is currently mulling new legislation designed to federalize (partially) trade secret law.
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Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Transactions After The Safe Harbor

Posted on by Kurt Magette in Tax

Lenders, Developers and Borrowers were all frustrated by the effect that revenue rulings and court cases had on Historic Rehabilitation loans in 2013.
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Small Businesses Remain Targets of Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Posted on by John M. Erbach in Employment Law

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has increased its focus on small businesses.
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The HIPAA Honeymoon is Over

Posted on by Stephen G. Reardon in Healthcare Law for Providers

Recently, there has been an marked increase in the enforcement of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules by the federal government.
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Basics of a Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Transaction

Posted on by John W. Anderson in Commercial Real Estate, Tax

The ultimate goal of any Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Transaction is to avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of the taxpayer's real property.
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