Spotts Fain Celebrates 30 Years of Legal Service, 1988-2018

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Spotts Fain is ringing in the New Year with much to celebrate as 2018 marks the law firm's 30th anniversary. Meade Spotts founded the firm in 1988 when he identified a need in Richmond's market for a mid-sized business law firm. He endeavored to start a firm that he would build to fill that void.

Hugh Fain joined Spotts at the firm in 1992. At the time, the firm was called Spotts Smith, and the two-attorney firm was swamped with corporate transactional work and was referring out all business litigation. Fain was a local commercial litigator who knew Spotts well. One day they were discussing their practices, and the idea of joining forces materialized. According to Fain, "My entrepreneurial spirit was immediately intrigued with the possibility of partnering with Meade." After a series of discussions, Spotts, Smith, and Fain formed (the firm has gone through a number of name renditions since its founding). Their vision was to build a full-service business law firm that would provide top quality legal representation while minimizing cost to clients by keeping overhead low.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the young law firm continued to build momentum and grow in numbers and expand its service offerings to include creditor's rights, intellectual property, products liability defense litigation, trust and estate planning, healthcare, and other services suited to the needs of businesses and their owners. In response to its clients' needs for representation on matters before the General Assembly and Virginia's administrative and regulatory agencies, the firm further expanded to establish Spotts Fain Consulting in 2003.

Over the firm's thirty years of operation, Spotts, Fain and their other partners have proudly watched the firm grow to include over thirty lawyers. "Although the firm has continued to grow in size, we have been able to maintain our identity as a full-service, mid-sized firm with a strong emphasis on client service. We have always grown with client demand, not simply for growth's sake," Spotts reflected. Fain added, "The firm has always been focused on fostering a collegial, family-friendly culture. This has allowed us to attract and retain talented attorneys and has certainly contributed to the firm's success over the past three decades."

As for the firm's future plans? "The game plan and core vision of the firm have not changed," according to Fain. "We continue to strategically expand our service offerings and innovative client services; however, we remain committed to our core vision of being a mid-sized, full-service business law firm that provides the highest quality legal representation, while remaining sensitive to cost."