Litigation may not be the most effective way for your business to settle a dispute. In addition to our courtroom experience, Spotts Fain is recognized for providing professional alternative dispute resolution. Our services are designed to help parties resolve conflicts at the earliest realistic opportunity and, when settlement is not possible, to streamline litigation and reduce litigation costs.

Our mediator services include:

Case Mediation Services

  • Commercial disputes
  • Intellectual property and vendor/client disputes involving technology issues:
  • Patent law
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Trade secret misappropriation

Early Neutral Evaluation and Resolution

In appropriate cases, we are available to provide all disputing parties a neutral evaluation of the parties' position in the dispute, with a focus on resolving the dispute before suit is filed or early in the litigation process. In this capacity, he can facilitate frank and open settlement discussions without compromising litigation counsel’s role as zealous advocate. The objective of early neutral evaluation is to help clients resolve disputes before investing significant amounts in litigation.

Discovery and Litigation Conflict Resolution

Discovery is, by far, the most expensive component of most commercial lawsuits. The procedures for resolving discovery disputes in court are cumbersome and largely ineffective. The result is that discovery is often includes a significant amount of irrelevant documents and information and lacks relevant and discoverable materials. We are available to mediate or arbitrate discovery and other routine conflicts that arise in complex litigation, thereby, providing the parties an accessible, low-cost and low-risk mechanism for resolving discovery conflicts and avoiding costly discovery motions.

Issues for Summary Judgment and Trial

We also serve as neutral mediators to help parties negotiate other potentially contentious issues such as negotiating fact stipulations and narrowing issues for summary judgment and trial. By serving in this capacity as the case progresses, we will be better situated to mediate a settlement of the case at the earliest opportunity.

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